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BARGELLO MUSEUM - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Via del Proconsolo, 4
Open: 8.15-16.50; Sundays and public holidays 8.15-16.50. Closed on Monday.
Description: Created in 1859 inside the medieval Podest (or Bargello) palace, this museum is important for its array of 14C-17C Tuscan sculptures and magnificent collection of minor art, also the result of donations and legacies. Weapons, fabric, furniture, glazed terra-cotta (some by Robbia), seals, bronzes, majolica, jewellery, coats-of-arms. Highlights include masterpieces by Michelangelo ("Bruto", "Apollo or David" etc), Sansovino, B. Cellini, Tino di Camaino, Ammannati, Giambologna, Donatello, ("San Giorgio", two "Davids", etc.), Brunelleschi and Ghiberti (2 sample panels which were prepared for the Baptistery Door competition - 1402), Michelozzo, Desiderio da Settignano, L. and A. della Robbia, Agostino di Duccio, Bernini, ("Costanza Bonarelli"), Verrocchio, Pollaiolo ("Ercole and Anteo"), F. Laurana ("Battista Sforza"), etc. Rich medallion collection of the Medici (visit requests to be made to the supervisor), with examples by Pisanello, Cellini and others.