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BOBOLI GARDENS - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Piazza Pitti
Open: 9-18.30 (from May to August - other months it closes at 16.30 or 17.30)
Description: The finest example of a Renaissance "Italian garden", a true outdoor museum. It dates back to 1550 and is a harmonious display of prospective, fountains, statues and scenic views. Particularly characteristic highlights are: the "grotta del Buontalenti" (1588), adorned by statues, including a Venus by Giambologna; the 17C "Amphitheatre" is the ideal setting for outdoor performances; the "Vivaio di Nettuno" (1565), the "Giardino del Cavaliere", the "Viottolone" and "piazzale dell'Isolotto", with the Ocean Fountain by Giambologna.