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Museo di Storia Naturale dell'UniversitÓ degli Studi di Firenze - Sezione Mineralogia e Litologia - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Via La Pira, 4
Open: 9-13, Wednesday also 15-18; first Sunday of the month 9-13-12.30, excluding the summer months.

Description: A rich collection of gems owned by the Medici, samples and minerals from all over the world (including 5,000 pieces from the Isle of Elba). Tourmaline from Elba, covelline and azzuriti from Sardegna, Brazilian Amethysts and crystals, quartz from Delfinato and a Brazilian Topaz of some 151 kg. Splendid engraved vases and cups, worked in quartz. Specialized library, containing 500 volumes of the Opera Omnia by Giorgio Agricola (Basilea 1546), the first scientific documentation on minerology.