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RUCELLAI PALACE - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Via della Vigna Nuova, 18
To visit: Please contact the attendant (8-13 and 15-20)
Description: One of the finest Renaissance palaces, the result of the combined efforts of L.B. Alberti and B. Rossellino. Its exterior is harmonious and elegant, note the courtyard and "chapel" (via della Spada, with guidance of attendant) which houses another small masterpiece, the "chapel of S.Sepolcro", by L.B. Alberti (1467). Worthy of attention: the palace of Parte Guelfa (with work by Brunelleschi), Pazzi-Quaratesi (G. da Maiano), dell'Arte della Luna (which gives access to the two upper rooms of "Orsanmichele"); Forte di Belvedere (by Buontalenti), illustrious setting for exhibitions.