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ST. MARK'S MUSEUM - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Piazza S. Marco, 1
Open: 8.15-13.50 (Saturday 8.15-16.50); Sundays and public holidays 8.15-16.50. Closed on Monday.
Description: Since the last century this former Dominican monastery, created by Michelozzo, has been the setting of one of the most important museums in Florence. The cells in particular present sublime frescoes by Beato Angelico (Fra' Giovanni from Fiesole, 1440-1455), a simple but artistic monk. The Library of Michelozzo, the Sala Capitolare with the "Crucifixion" by Angelico and the Refettorio Grande (with the altar piece, the altar-steps, the polyptych by Angelico) and the other Refectory with Ghirlandaio's splendid "Supper", all provide fine examples of early Renaissance work. The Library displays rare illuminated codices from the XV-XVI centuries. Several works of art in the church itself are to be note.