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SANTA MARIA NOVELLA - Welcome to Italy

Location: FLORENCE
Piazza S. M. Novella
Description: A superb Gothic church erected by the Dominicans between 1246 and 1360. The facade and grand portal was designed by L.B. ALberti (1456-70). The spacious interior contains many art treasures by great artists such as: B. Rossellino, Ghiberti, Nino Pisano ("Madonna con Bambino"), Filippino Lipppi, B. da Maiano, Giambologna, Giuliano da Sangallo, Nardo di Cione (frescoes of the Strozzi Chapel), Orcagna, etc. In addition; some masterpieces including a cycle of frescoes by Ghirlandaio, a wooden "Crucifix" by Brunelleschi, two works by Masaccio, the "Trinity" and the fresco of the "Morte" (1427) and in the Sacristy a "Crucifix" by Giotto. For information on the church's public museum please refer to the previous pages.