It is here that one may also find a gentle sweep of mountain ridges and hilltops, all cultivated with wheat and barley. Dating from the most ancient of times, man has left signs of his presence upon these mountains, as confirmed by recoveries in the Vecchiuzzo cave near Petralia Sottana, in certain caverns and abysses in the vicinity of Isnello and Gratteri, and from the pre-Hellenic finds at la Rocca, the promontory that dominates Cefal and its beautiful Norman cathedral.
Even shepherds and farmers have left their traces in haystacks along mountain paths, in sheepfolds carved out of rock, and in rudimentary stone refuges. The presence of certain old rural settlements where the practice of rotating the old millstones by animal labour, thus transforming olives into oil, is continued into the present age. This, being the final step in a process accomplished by ancient methods handed down from father to child, perpetuates the sentiment of the often difficult relationship of a farmer with his land.
There is a millennial country tradition here which offers the flavours of typical local cheeses and the warmth of Sicilian hospitality. The rhythm of life around these parts is articulated by the same sounds of the past, still heard along roads and lanes which now characterise the urban centres with their imposing cathedrals and stately castles.
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