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La Cianella - Welcome to Italy


With its unique layout on four levels, La Cianella, accommodation in Tuscany, is instantly recognizable from a distance.

Built into the contours of its hill, the large property has entrances on all sides, giving guests privacy and taking full advantage of the greenery and natural beauty of the surroundings.

Even the swimming pool and tennis court are nestled into their own niches along the hillside, preserving the beauty and tranquility of the guest quarters.

Designed to create a unique experience for each guest, the bedrooms of our relais in Tuscany are decorated with different stones, tiles, colors, and furnishings, evoking the emotions that move us all: passion, family, enjoyment, and nature.

All rooms have private bathrooms and their own separate entrances.

And while each bathroom has a unique design, all are equipped for the greatest comfort of our guests; just as you “Enjoy the Space” of the outdoors at La Cianella, you can also look forward to enjoying your private space as you indulge in a luxurious shower.

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