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Vedetta Town House - Welcome to Italy


The Rooms

1800 Countriside
Intense pink with floral wallpaper and gilded mirrors, this guest room is the smallest of the three. Intimate and welcoming, it conjures up a past when every object had a personal story and was part of the family heritage, destined to be passed down through the generations.

1900 Colonial
Earth tones, a stone fireplace and objects brought back from trips in the 1940s, when Italy had colonies in Africa. This large guest room enjoys natural light throughout the day, thanks to its two windows, which look out onto the piazza, with a view of the sea. The bathtub in front of the fireplace promises relaxing baths while dreaming of far-off places and endless deserts.

2000 Trend-Setter
Blue and silver, grey and optical white for the bedroom; black and red for the spacious bathroom, which features a hydromassage tub. The four-poster bed is distinguished for its clean, rigorous lines. Opposite the bed is a glass bioethanol fireplace. Everything expressing the design trends of our own time, between influences and bold style choices.

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