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The most antique part of Seravezza is characterised by a picturesque series of aristocratic villas, medieval churches and rustic buildings still intact, in the surroundings of woods with chestnut trees and quarries. There is evidence of an inborn passion for preservation and an intelligent use of local materials (marble, wood and stone) which has been maintained through the centuries.

Chiesa (church) Prelazia dei SS. Lorenzo and Barbara. Work on the church began in 1422 on what was probably the site of a more antique church (as documented by an inscription in semi-gothic characters present in the bell-tower). After some interruptions and modifications the church was consecrated in 1569. Through the centuries it underwent various works of embellishment until the Second World War when it was seriously damaged by an air-raid. There are many prestigious works to be admired: the font, recently restored, a piece of work attributed to Stagio Stagi, made of white marble decorated with remarkable low-reliefs; the cross in the chapter generally called the Croce d'oro del Pollaiolo attributed to Francesco Marti (XV Century); the baroque style Chapel of Madonna del Soccorso houses an oil painting on slate; the main Altar dating back to 1570, rich in polychrome minerals, renovated in 1683 by Jacopo Senti; the Pulpit with marble marquetry.