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The villas - Navigation began at St. Marks Square, with the famous "Burchiello", a sort of venetian boat, and after crossing the Venetian lagoon, the boats gained the river Brenta and touched the various towns and villages along the Riviera, landing stage in Padua. In the course of time, navigation along the Brenta was abandoned in favour of road transport, and the river lost all the once-booming activities that had been connected with it.
Only in mid-20th century did the old magic of the villas experience a revival, and with them life was brought back to the river.

From Padua to Venice
In Str the visitor finds the grandest villa of the Riviera.
The Villa Pisani, also called "la Nazionale" commissioned by the family Pisani, it was erected to glorify the ascent of Alvise, when he was elected Doge, the highest political office in Venice.
The extensive park features groups of sculptures and numerous buildings, but it also guards one of the rarest jewels of 18th century landscape gardening, the evergreen labyrinth.

The centre of the old town of Dolo offers a veritable compendium of old buildings harmoniously distributed along the river banks, but the prettiest sight is offered by the beautifully restored 16th century watermills.
In the location called Cesare Musatti, stands the 18th c. Palazzetto Gasparini, now a hotel, and a few metres away Villa Tito, almost next door to it, Villa Velluti. The next stately home, Villa Badoer, houses a museum of ancient agricultural tools.

In Mira, in the 17th century, the Valmarana family built a villa with two L-shaped barchesse (colonnaded wings). The impact of this architectural complex on visitors, as they walked up the large riverside gardens to the house and the imposing portico of the two wings was very powerful. The villa also had an extensive park in the back.
18th century frescoes depicting allegorical scene attributed to the Tiepolo school adorn the rooms. In front, Villa Widmann, originally built in the early 18th century for the Sceriman family, Venetian nobles of Persian origin, and refurbished by the Widmann family in the French rococo style.

Malcontenta is the last village the traveller will meet along the Brenta river before entering Venice, a small cluster of houses almost dwarfed by the imposing Villa by the same name built by Palladio around 1560 for the Foscari family.
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